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Limits on murder

It is always astounding to me to read a headline claiming that the majority of Americans are willing to limit the killing of innocent children.

For example, in a recent CNN poll, 64 percent of Americans agree that mothers should inform fathers before killing a child that was conceived by the two of them. What about the 36 percent who disagree? Are there people residing in our country who really think that a mother should have the legal right to murder her baby without even telling the child's father? Apparently!

The poll also reports that a mere 37 percent of Americans want to see nearly all child killing banned, just not those acts of murder carried out because of an alleged threat to the life of the mother! Disregard the life of the child, of course, even if it is clinically true that there is never a reason to intend the death of either mother or child.

When someone tells me that the pro-life movement is making great progress – something akin to winning – I think about poll results like these and have to ask myself, "What are these people drinking?"

The majority of Americans, after 33 years of decriminalzed brutal killing of the most vulnerable among us, favor killing these children. Some want both parents to agree; others can think of reasons to kill, but far too few truly understand that when an abortion is executed, so is a child.

Who is really winning the war?