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Free and easy

It's always amazing to read about what Planned Parenthood plans to do about forcing death on the unsuspecting. Their latest promise comes on the heels of news that the FDA will decide by the end of August whether or not the abortive Plan B morning after pills – emergency contraception [sic] – should be available to customers without a prescription.

If the FDA decides against making free and easy access to abortive pills a can-do activity for ignorant consumers, Planned Parenthood will just have to sue. After all, how could any pro-death organization pass up a chance to assure the deaths of even more preborn children? The average American has never known how these pills work; has never thought about the early abortions they cause.

At the heart of this entire debate, however, is the disquieting question of why the FDA, 45 years ago, did not make it mandatory for all birth control pill manufacturers to clarify in bold print that such pills can and do work after fertilization occurs and do have the potential to kill the preborn prior to implantation.

Regardless of the current agony at the FDA as commissioners cower at the feet of Planned Parenthood's threats, the fact is they have made it a life work to deceive consumers, to rob mothers of their preborn children and to deny that any such thing ever occurs. Complicit from the start, don't expect any heroism from the FDA at this late hour.