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Cruelty Denied

On Good Friday we commemorate with great sadness the crucifixion of Christ, King of heaven and earth. To understand the cruelty of the act itself, all one needs to do is think for a moment about the soldiers, the nails driven into the hands and feet of Jesus, and the ghastly glee with which His executioners prepared Christ to die. It was torturous, brutal, and according to some resulted in a slow death for the victim. Horrific is too tame a word to describe it.

Whenever Good Friday draws near, I cannot help but contemplate the fate of every preborn child who dies by abortion. Each of them suffers a tiny crucifixion—a painful and agonizing death. And yet for nearly 50 years the nation has yawned, never thinking about the baby or his fate.

Few write about the sickening reality of what it means to abort a child. In fact, today with the possibility of a Supreme Court reversal of some sort in the matter of Roe v. Wade, it is the expectant mother who is portrayed as possibly suffering the unimaginable due to the fact that aborting her baby may be denied her.

One headline tells us that such a reversal would be “inconvenient” and “unthinkable.” Good Lord, what are these people thinking?

Such people are certainly not considering the baby. Continuing the killing unabated is at the top of the pro-abortion to-do list when decrying any effort that stops even a few abortions.

The American Civil Liberties Union is one group whose members are in a tizzy about what the Supreme Court might do with the Mississippi law. The ACLU claims that the Supreme Court’s consideration of the Dobbs case “could decimate, if not take away entirely, the constitutional right to abortion.”

In other words, it is not the terror of aborting a child with a heinous act that upsets these people, it is the very thought that those women who want to have their babies killed may not be able to do so if they wait until their baby is 15 weeks old. Oh yes, the Supreme Court is not considering a ban on the killing done by abortion, it will rule on how it might be regulated. But that is enough to send the abortion cartel into a frenzy.

Their overzealous clamoring for abortion without restriction reminds me of the soldiers who could not wait to crucify Christ. Their interest lay not in what they were about to do to an innocent man but rather how they would divide up his meager clothing. As the Bible tells us (Matthew 27:35), “When they had finished crucifying him they shared out his clothing by casting lots.”

The cruelty of their act of nailing Christ to a wooden cross did not concern them. And today, those who kill little babies by aborting them are not concerned about the cruelty of their act even though an innocent baby dies.

The gruesome nature of abortion is denied thousands of times every day, but the reality of it is ever with us. So as we prepare to mourn our Savior on Good Friday before we celebrate His resurrection on Easter Sunday, let us remember the millions of little babies whose cruel deaths are final. Each of them—undeniably a human being—will never celebrate the resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday.