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Closing out 2005

It seemed only appropriate as we look toward a promising pro-life New Year to read the latest news from South Dakota. It seems the state's Task Force to Study Abortion has recommended a state constitiutional amendment "giving fetuses the same protection children get after birth."

We hope this means all preborn children from their first moment of life, and we hope that state political types have the guts to act on this recommendation.

What I found specifically heartening in the news report was the fact that Task Force member Kate Looby of Planned Parenthood left the meeting abruptly, saying "I'm sick of this." But presumably before the onset of her illness, she admitted that Planned Parenthood "does not discuss any embryoloigical developments of the unborn child other than the weeks of gestation."

Well, folks, onward in 2006 toward the goal of putting Planned Parenthood out of business totally. God bless you and may the New Year bring you joy in your pro-life work.