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Boston two-step

The not-quite-unbiased National Catholic Reporter tells its readers that Archbishop Sean O'Malley stayed away for a dinner honoring pro-abortion Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, while the Archbishop's spokesperson, Terrence Donilon, is quoted in the Boston Globe, praising the mayor. This sends a mixed signal, and NCR was quick to point out that a very bad impression was created by such duplicity.

While "Church leaders are being pushed and bullied by bands of extreme zealots," others are making their points by persuasion! Well, perhaps the more accurate description of this debacle would be that Church leaders are becoming less and less willing to provide a solid moral witness on matters of truth, while at the same time becoming more and more astute at the political games people play.

The problem in all this is, of course, that while the games commence the babies die, the ten commandments fade, and the cafeteria Catholic becomes the norm. God save us from double standards.

We hope and pray that Archbishop O'Malley severely criticized his spokesperson for sending the wrong message.