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American Opinion = Moral Guideline?

Ever wonder why editorial writers, even on the pro-life side of things, place so much credence in opinion polls? When discussing why most Americans really don't accept the sweeping Roe v. Wade/ Doe v. Bolton Supreme Court decisions of 1973, Human Events writer Larry Elder tells us:

"…according to a recent CBS poll, 59 percent of Americans call Roe a "good thing." But when pressed more specifically, people give answers that change the picture dramatically. Only 25% want abortion on demand — effectively the Roe position. Fourteen percent want abortion permitted with more restrictions; 38% want abortions permitted in rape, incest and to save women's lives; 15% want abortion permitted only to save women's lives; and 3% want abortion not permitted at all. When added together, 70% want greater, not fewer, restrictions on abortion. What about the alleged extremist, right-wing, Christian-driven, out-of-the-mainstream demand for parental notification of abortion for females under 18? The number of Americans supporting parental notification — 80%. "

If it is true that every act of abortion kills a human being then why not tell readers the reasons why not a single abortion is acceptable regardless of public opinion! A simple overturning of Roe and Doe is unacceptable. The Supreme Court must address personhood; not polling interests and the politically safe decisions that result. The public is confused; lets help straighten them out.

Please, Mr. Elder, help the babies out here.

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