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When We Reach Out Our Hands

By Jessica Armentano

When we reach out our hands we can make a big difference in the world for the least of these. In the Gospel of Matthew we read: “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of least of these my brethren, you did it to me.” Who are the “least of these” that Jesus mentions? They are our neighbor next door, the new kid at school, the preborn child, the disabled child, the imprisoned person, the beggar on the street, the elderly, and those who can no longer care for themselves. Although sometimes it is difficult to speak up for these uncared for people, Jesus commands that we reach out our hands to them.

One of the ways we can reach out our hands and contribute to pro-life efforts is by caring for people in nursing homes. These people are often forgotten even by their families and friends! There is no one to love them. Often there is nothing to occupy their time. We can care for these forgotten souls! There are multitudinous ways we can care for these elderly people. Many of us do not take time to go visit and bring cheer to those who need it most. Some of us do not know how to help. We do not even know them! We need to reach out our hands and care for these people. They are so happy when we visit. The ways we can assist our elders are uncountable. By performing dancing, singing, and playing music we can bring liveliness into their lives. We can bring joyful thoughts into their minds by helping them draw pictures. We can give them flowers and cards or sit with them and talk. We can also give them comfort and warmth by making them colorful blankets. These are some wonderful ways to reach out our hands.

Welcoming the new kid at school is another way we can reach out our hands. By becoming his friend we can defend him and help him become part of the group. By getting to know him we can introduce him to the class. By inviting him over for a playdate we can include him in our activities. Although many times it is hard to leave our friends to become friends with him, it is the right thing to do. Being kind to our neighbors is also a good way to reach out our hands. We might cook a meal for our neighbors or ask them to join dinner with our own family. We could invite them over to play or visit, making cards or crafts with them. Helping our neighbors with errands or chores is an additional way we reach out our hands to those around us.

Sometimes we as children get discouraged because we do not have as much freedom as adults to reach out our hands to those in need. But the one thing we can do independently is pray. We as children can make a huge impact in the world by reaching out our hands and praying for the least of these. When we reach out our hands, whether it is up to heaven or physically here on earth, we can make a beautiful difference.

Jessica Armentano won Third Place in Category 1 of ALL and IEW’s Pro-Life Essay Contest.

Photo by Tim Trad on Unsplash