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Pro-Life Teen Inspires with Her Advocacy

By Jake Ciancio

Eighteen-year-old Rachael Vance fights for the voiceless every day and has done so for most of her life. Her involvement in the pro-life movement began when she was a young girl, and she now spends her days encouraging other young people to follow that same path. 

Rachael, who has been homeschooled since the first grade and is currently finishing her senior year of high school, says that being homeschooled has given her many opportunities to learn about the pro-life position because it’s not something that is normally taught in public schools. The youngest of five children, Rachael says that being raised in a devout Catholic family has helped her live her faith, as throughout her life she has attended pro-life rallies, banquets, and the March for Life. According to Rachael, “My family’s commitment to preborn babies helped to cultivate a personal love and desire to be a louder voice for the voiceless.” 

Rachael understands the value of each and every human being and is willing to speak out in public to educate others. She believes it’s crucial for young people to have the moral courage to speak out so that they can properly defend the pro-life position, which she believes is what God calls us all to do. 

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