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Planned Parenthood Employees’ Perverted Thought Process

By Jim Sedlak

We have fought Planned Parenthood for 30 years, and you might expect that there is nothing this organization could do that would surprise us. But, this is an organization that somehow gets into the minds of its employees, and its people simply do not think like the rest of us.

One thing that we have stressed for years is that Planned Parenthood is all about sex. In one way or another, all of its programs and philosophies revolve around sex. Years ago, Dr. Ruth Westheimer remarked to an interviewer:

I spent 48 hours at Planned Parenthood. All these people talked about was sex. Sex, sex, sex. They didn’t even talk about the weather.

She claimed that encounter led to her involvement in the sex business.

I apologize up front for the information contained in the rest of this article, but, if you are to understand the depraved nature of Planned Parenthood, you need to be aware of this real-life example of how it distorts even the simple celebration of cats.

You see, August 8, 2018, was International Cat Day. People all over the world took to social media and posted pictures and videos of their cats in action. #Internationalcatday was a trending topic on Twitter and Instagram as cat lovers across the world celebrated their feline pets.

Can’t it Just Be about the Cats?

Planned Parenthood, in its warped way, decided to take International Cat Day in a completely different direction. The people at Planned Parenthood issued a tweet that read: “Celebrate #InternationalCatDay by watching our kitty vids, and get some paw-some ‘pussy’ facts from purrrr-fessional sex edu-cat-ors.”

Clicking on the Planned Parenthood tweet sent young people to a YouTube page with three videos on “Taking Care of Your ‘Pussy.’”

That’s where Planned Parenthood’s perversion took on another form.

Planned Parenthood likes to portray itself as a healthcare organization. It frequently claims to be giving young people just scientifically accurate, age-appropriate information. One of its deceitful methods of operation is to present some innocuous health information and then sneak in a blatant expansion of its goal of getting kids involved in sexual activity.

So, if you go to the YouTube page linked above, you will find three videos. The first and last videos give viewers simple information about female genitalia—specifically the vagina and the vulva. Video #1 describes what these body parts are and video #3 talks about how to keep your vagina clean. Basic health information.

Video #2, however, pushes the Planned Parenthood agenda by being an outright push for young girls to masturbate “with or without toys.” The video proclaims that “masturbation can reduce stress, ease period cramps, and improve your body image. Almost everyone does it.” The video, of course, never mentions that this self-stimulation is condemned as a sin by many religions. That fact is not important to Planned Parenthood and might hinder the “free sex” message it proclaims to get customers in the door for its many sex products.

When anyone tries to tell you that Planned Parenthood is simply a healthcare organization, tell them about how Planned Parenthood chose to celebrate International Cat Day.

Jim Sedlak is executive director of American Life League, founder of STOPP International, and host of a weekly talk show on the Radio Maria Network. He has been successfully fighting Planned Parenthood since 1985.