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Our Crossroads

By Bob Blundell

Being advanced in years allows me to contrast the world I knew growing up with the culture of today. To some extent, many things never change. When I was young, I liked my music loud. My poison of choice included Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and others, and I probably got enjoyment out of rattling the neighbors’ windows as I cruised down the street in my ‘63 Pontiac Catalina. Sound familiar?

Each generation also has its own means of expressing its members’ individuality. When I was a teen in the 1970s, it was long hair and shabby clothing. Today, that’s been replaced with tattoos and hair that spans all the colors of the rainbow. 

But while there are many commonalities in those two worlds, our way of life has evolved over the decades. For example, I remember when kids used to ride their bikes without helmets. We did so without fear of serious injury or death. If we fell, we hoped it wasn’t on our heads, and we got up, dusted ourselves off, and got back on our bikes.  

I recall a time when you had to get up out of your seat to change the channel on the TV, and I don’t believe those of us who did that felt like it was an inconvenience. In addition, I vaguely remember when the only way to call someone when you were walking down a street was from a phone booth. Of course, that was when phones were actually used for talking. 

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