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Bonnie Walker: Mother of Many

 By Alyson Rockhold

Bonnie and Billy Walker have raised 28 children: three biological, 24 adopted, and one they unofficially adopted. Bonnie is a passionate defender of children’s rights who has dedicated her life to caring for children in need. 

Bonnie has always wanted to be a mother. She used to tell people she wanted 10 kids but stopped sharing her heart’s desire after enough people scoffed at her. When Bonnie got married at 17 years old, she felt ready to start her family. She was thrilled when she had her first daughter a little over a year later. 

What followed was a series of events that left Bonnie broken, hurt, and hungering even more after the Lord and His children. Within 16 months, she had two more girls followed by four miscarriages. Still desperate for more children and knowing that she couldn’t withstand the devastation of another miscarriage, Bonnie began praying for God’s guidance.

“Be a foster parent,” came God’s answer through the voice of a friend. “No!” came Bonnie’s reply from her fearful heart. She was terrified of how hard it would be to love a child and then let him go. But God kept pressing the idea on her heart until she finally relented. Bonnie and Billy decided to become foster parents.

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