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Five Reasons Your Children Will Love “The Developing Baby” Lesson from CLSP

By Susan Ciancio

SCOTUS will be telling us its decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case soon. If it goes the way we hope, the decision regarding abortion laws will revert to the states. With all the press that decision will receive, now is a great time to talk to your kids and teach them that every baby is a miracle.

Young children are often fascinated at the wonder of pregnant mothers or tiny babies. To help foster that amazement, we created this four-day lesson for children in grades pre-K–2. The Developing Baby uses Regina Doman’s book Angel in the Waters to teach young children about the beauty of a preborn baby.

We want you to get the most out of The Developing Baby, so we’re highlighting five things your children will learn with this lesson.

1. The basic milestones of human development begin from a person’s first moment of creation.

It’s imperative that children grow up with the understanding that a new human being is created the moment that the egg is fertilized. This lesson uses age-appropriate language to teach children that a baby is a baby from his earliest age forward.

2. Life is a miracle to be treasured.

Our lesson gives students a glimpse into a preborn baby’s world, complete with his thoughts and actions. Students will see that the baby is indeed a human being—and worthy of protection.

3. Guardian angels are given to us at the very moment God creates us.

Our faith teaches that our guardian angels watch over and protect us. This lesson helps kids focus on the beauty of angels and even teaches the Guardian Angel prayer.

4. The mother/child bond is both beautiful and crucial.

Moms are so important! We help small children see that what a mother does when a baby is growing inside her affects the baby. We also describe how a preborn baby begins to love his mother from a very early age.

5. God’s love for each person is immeasurable. 

This is so important for kids to understand, as our secular world will often claim that there is no God or that He doesn’t care. This lesson teaches that God loves every one of us and that we all matter to Him.

This charming lesson truly helps kids understand the beauty of a developing baby. Plus, at the end of the lesson, kids get to create a life-sized wall poster of the milestones of human development and a fetal development flipbook. This tangible evidence of the humanity of the preborn baby will remain with kids as they grow.

At the CLSP, we understand that, when young children grow up understanding that a baby exists from the first moment of creation, they will have the necessary tools to defend that fact to others, and they will be more likely to work to protect them. Through this lesson, we hope to help create a new generation of pro-life leaders.

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