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Letters to the Editor: Politicians Claiming to be Pro-Life

Dear editor:

The term “pro-life” is being defined in such a way that even those who favor abortion in some cases are viewed as “pro-life.” For example, a politician who is silent about chemical abortion (who takes no position on so-called contraceptive chemicals that can destroy a human embryo after her life begins) is not pro-life. Further, a politician who says “I am pro-life except in cases of rape, incest and life of the mother” is not pro-life. It is difficult to understand why various pro-life groups and the media tout such people as “friends.”

Pro-lifers must be very careful in evaluating a candidate and, if he or she is taking a position that is less than 100 percent pro-life, we must educate that person. It is inaccurate to describe such a candidate (or political party) as “pro-life.” Such a candidate is not worthy of pro-life support. Personhood is not negotiable.

A pro-life candidate is someone who respects the dignity of the human being from conception/fertilization, and publicly proclaims this without apology. He or she would never condone any surgical or chemical abortion, and would be prepared to charitably explain why it would be inconsistent to take such an unprincipled position.

Any action that takes the life of an innocent person should not be described as an “issue,” and any politician who cannot understand that every abortion murders a person is someone who does not represent pro-life principles and facts.