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Countering Pro-Abortion Arguments 3

It’s only “potential life” until birth.

  • Is a newborn baby potential or actual? Of course, he’s actual. But what makes him actual, the fact that he is no longer in his mother’s womb, or the fact that he physically exists and is alive? If he’s actual now, how was he merely potential only a week ago, before he had been born? He was obviously in existence then (we knew where he was),and he was quite alive-if he wasn’t alive then, he could hardly be alive now. Actual, living beings do not arise from things that are imaginary or dead. He was always, since his creation at the moment of fertilization, a baby-the only thing “potential” was the baby’s birth, primarily because of the threat of an “actual,” life-destroying abortion. Today, preborn babies have about a one in three chance of being killed by abortion; because of legal abortion, babies now have less than a 66% chance of being born.
  • Pregnant means “with child.” If a woman is actually pregnant, she’s actually with child. This means she’s a mother.