You Have Just 11 Days to Get It Right!

Election Day 2016 is a short 11 days away. The abortion industry is pouring millions of dollars into political campaigns across the country as it fears for its future. These killers of children are counting on the majority of pro-life Americans to either stay home (and not vote) or refuse to vote for candidates who proclaim support for the babies, but who have other positions with which some pro-life voters disagree.

Around the nation, particularly in this election, it is time to recognize that, without the right to life, there are no other rights. This election, more than any election in the country’s history, is all about the babies. In this election, we have the opportunity to turn the tide, especially at the federal level.

In order to be victorious, every pro-life voter needs to know the position of the candidates for president, US Senate, and US House of Representatives on abortion. It is imperative that we elect a president and Congress that will uphold the sanctity of every human being's life.

As an educational organization, American Life League does not endorse or oppose individual candidates, but many other organizations do. We encourage you to find out which politicians in your area are endorsed by the Susan B. Anthony List, National Right to Life, and local and state pro-life groups. Then vote for these people.

The political arm of Planned Parenthood is spending millions of dollars endorsing candidates who will allow it to keep killing babies. Find out who Planned Parenthood is supporting and vote for the other candidate.

The only real hope the babies have is for every pro-lifer to get to the polls and vote for the babies. You can save millions of lives with your vote. Do not stay home. Do not be swayed by other topics. Vote to protect the babies.