WOW! A Pro-Life Presidential Administration!

As a follow-up to the introduction of the reconciliation bill we told you about last week, the White House held a “Listening Session” to get pro-life input on the two parts of the bill—defunding Planned Parenthood and the repeal and replacing of parts of Obamacare.

The meeting was organized by Vice President Mike Pence, who wanted input from “the foremost pro-life leaders” in the country. His office specifically invited American Life League along with other pro-life leaders. It was clear at the meeting that the vice president was truly interested in what the pro-life leaders had to say. It certainly was a welcome change from the previous administration that only cared about the opinion of Planned Parenthood’s leaders.

The White House issued the following statement after the meeting:

Vice President Pence hosted a listening session with several leaders of the pro-life community. The conversation focused on ensuring that the sanctity of life is respected and included in efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare. The vice president solicited suggestions from the foremost pro-life leaders on improving health care in America while he provided a synopsis of the administration's overall strategy for repealing and replacing Obamacare. Vice President Pence reiterated his and President Trump's strong commitment to the sanctity of life.

Every pro-lifer in America should be encouraged by this meeting and the sincerity of this administration. We finally have people at the very top of our government who clearly understand the horror of abortion. More importantly, they are willing to take the tough road and fight for the lives of the preborn children in the United States. It is truly a new day in the nation’s capital.

President Donald Trump doubled-down on his efforts to save babies this week by publicly offering Planned Parenthood a chance to keep all its government funding if it would agree to stop doing abortions. The reaction of Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, was quick and predictable. She was horrified that PP would be asked to stop abortions. She proclaimed that Planned Parenthood was “proud” to be doing abortions (killing babies), and insisted that abortion was a “vital part” of the organization’s mission.

The veil has been torn from the face of Planned Parenthood. We now know for sure that it would rather kill babies than receive $550 million in taxpayer money. It says, of course, it wants both. But, we now know what it wants most—to be able to end the lives of preborn children. Let your members of Congress know that taking taxpayer money away from Planned Parenthood should be done immediately!