Who, Me? Lie?

Who, Me? Lie?

Not too long ago we began hearing stories about the surcharges that are part of the Obama healthcare plan. Recall that Obama made it a point early on to assure America that the insurance program was not going to require taxpayers to subsidize abortion. Was this a lie? An oversight?

Now it has become abundantly clear that the devil is in the details. STOPP Planned Parenthood International’s Wednesday STOPP Report this week exposed what is really going on, reporting, “Not all of Obamacare’s insurance exchanges will cover abortions, at least initially. But according to the voluminous regulations released by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) on March 12, we the people will never be allowed to know whether the exchange we have joined will cover—and charge a surcharge for—abortions until we have already signed up.”

It seems curious at best, and downright evil at worst, that a government program defined by Obama as not providing coverage for killing preborn children was in fact designed to do the opposite from the very moment it was signed into law. According to an American Center for Law and Justice article,

It is now clear that the White House knew that this promise against abortion funding was a sham.

In an e-mail exchange with then solicitor general, now Justice, Elena Kagan, Lawrence Tribe, “senior counselor for access to justice” of the Department of Justice and liberal Harvard law professor, expressed his elation for Obamacare’s passage and noted that the president’s executive order was nothing more than a sham.

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Tribe stated, “And with the Stupak group accepting the magic of what amounts to a signing statement on steroids!”

He is exactly right. It was a “magic” trick, sleight of hand, intended to fool the American people and members of Congress into passing this pro-abortion bill.

Such reckless disregard for truth has never been a problem for Obama, of course, but it occurs to me that the nuances contained in the massive healthcare law should have been examined carefully by the USCCB. After all, the bishops called for the law to be “abortion neutral” and felt certain that it was at the time. But today these are the very people who are up in arms about the Obama mandate. Well, hello!!!

Trust, but verify” is not just a slogan. It should be the required practice when dealing with anything politicians are involved in, regardless of the party, particularly in a matter as serious as health insurance for everyone funded by each of us. Couldn’t everyone who worked so hard for some sort of nationalized healthcare without coverage for abortion been a bit more suspect—a tiny bit more fastidious in examining what the law would actually do? No, the USCCB trusted Obama. Oh my!

Now it is too late! The cards are on the table, “Emperor” Obama has no scruples and we are paying the piper for the lack of proper analysis early on.

Sure Obama deceives. What else is new?