Who Is Excited for NPLTD?

By Emily Brown

Some of you may have never heard of NPLTD, but for those of you who have, you know this is an exciting day! NPLTD—National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day—is a national day of action during which Americans all wear their favorite pro-life T-shirts to demonstrate that they stand for and support preborn babies and their strong mothers.

How does this day work?

Simply wear your favorite pro-life T-shirt everywhere you go on April 22! You could wear it to school, to work, in your neighborhood, to the grocery story, or anywhere you go. We just want you to get out and show off your fabulous shirt!

And don’t forget to share a picture on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using our official hashtag #NPLTD16! We just may end up sharing your photo on the big day.

Need a shirt?

If you don’t have a pro-life T-shirt, we’ve got your back! At our site you can buy stylish pro-life tees for only $10. What a deal!

Why are they so inexpensive? We do that because we don’t want the price to be prohibitive. This day is not about T-shirt sales; instead it’s about making a national impact. It’s about showing the American people that we all stand together and defend all human beings’ lives!

So the big question is: Will you show your support for babies on April 22? We need as much participation as possible!

Join our Facebook event here.

For more details, visit our official site at lifedefender.org/npltday.