Tuesday, November 8, Is Election Day. Vote!

Tuesday, November 8, Is Election Day. Vote!

We’ve been saying these things for months:

  • This election is very important.
  • The new president will set the agenda for the next four years.
  • The new House of Representatives will approve funding bills and vote on legislation that will impact our lives.
  • The new members of the Senate will vote on confirmation of new Supreme Court justices, who will serve for life.

These aren’t minute details. This is the future of our country that we are voting upon. This is the legacy we leave for our children.

As with any national election, there are a myriad of topics. But, in this election, there is only one that counts—the life of every human being. Without the right to live, all other rights are useless. All other policy disagreements don’t matter. Party, gender, religion, and other personal qualities are simply facts.

This election gives us a clear choice. If we take the candidates at their word, one presidential candidate will fight to expand abortion and demand that taxpayers pay for the killing of children. The other candidate will appoint pro-life Supreme Court judges and take taxpayer money away from the nation’s largest abortion chain—Planned Parenthood.

Preborn children cannot vote in the election, but you can. Be their voice. Go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for the candidate whom you firmly believe the babies would vote for.

To paraphrase George M. Cohan: God will thank you, the babies will thank you, and I will thank you.

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