Some Believe They Need to Correct God’s Mistakes

Cecile Richards, CEO of the largest abortion chain in the nation, was interviewed this week in San Francisco. She revealed several themes, which were basically a defense of Planned Parenthood. You will hear a lot about these themes as the battle for life unfolds in 2017, so it’s worth taking just a couple of minutes to mention them.

Cecile said frequently during the interview how much she loves young people, how young people are the future, and how PP is needed to provide healthcare to young people. Of course she never explained why her organization kills 320,000 plus young people every year. Every day 888 young people die in her facilities. May God protect the young people from those who love them.

Another theme was women’s “healthcare.” She explained how proud she is of the healthcare her organization provides to women. Planned Parenthood says that 80 percent of its healthcare customers receive services to prevent an unintended pregnancy. Almost all of those services give women a product that causes their body to function abnormally. PP does not believe in preventing pregnancy by refraining from sexual activity. Rather, it encourages teens and young women to have sex and to shut down the normal reproductive systems that would lead to pregnancy. Normal healthcare takes a body that is functioning abnormally and makes it function normally again. This is the opposite of what Planned Parenthood does.

Richards even spent time trumpeting PP’s healthcare services for transgender people. Those services included puberty suppression and hormonal therapy. Again, this is not healthcare.

When we listen to Planned Parenthood and others in the abortion industry and reproductive healthcare field, we understand loud and clear what their goal is: God makes mistakes and we’re going to prevent or correct them. You are having sex and God may mistakenly give you a child, so take these products so God doesn’t make a mistake. You have conceived a child and didn’t intend to do it, so God made a mistake. Have an abortion to correct God’s mistake. God made you a man, but you should have been a woman—another mistake by God. Here, take these hormones and we can correct what God did wrong.

We encourage you to listen to all the rhetoric and to really understand what PP is saying and the detriment it causes to countless women and young people. Then, pray for God’s mercy on all involved in this type of “reproductive healthcare.”