Saving Lives with Honesty and Truth

By Judie Brown

Not a day passes when one headline or another grabs my attention and rivets me to a search engine on my computer—sort of like a mad dog! But I have learned that one of the best ways to share the undeniable truths that are neither yours nor mine, but God’s, is to focus on those aspects of daily life that prompt us to think about what kind of people we are. Whether we are Americans or Brits or Africans or Sudanese or claim any other cultural identity, we all have the same gift from God—a gift that is written on the heart of every man. That gift is the natural law.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church describes the natural law this way: “The natural law is written and engraved in the soul of each and every man, because it is human reason ordaining him to do good and forbidding him to sin. . . . But this command of human reason would not have the force of law if it were not the voice and interpreter of a higher reason to which our spirit and our freedom must be submitted.”

But what happens when that voice is denied or despised, as is what happens when a woman aborts her child? Agony follows in its wake. This is so because the suffering caused by killing one’s own child never departs. Denial may set in for a time, but nothing can end the heartache until the truth is confronted.

Why is this so? Because while someone may deny the truth, one cannot run away from it.

In 2014 we heard from singer Nicki Minaj who confessed that her abortion has “haunted me all my life.” Pro-life leader Georgette Forney, founder of the group Silent No More Awareness identifies with Minaj and applauds “her vulnerability in sharing her pain.” Forney stated: “I wish I could say that Nicki’s response was unique. . . . But many of us who have had abortions feel haunted by the loss and grief experienced afterward.”

Silent No More Awareness is not alone in the quest to help women understand that aborting their baby not only violates the natural law but harms them in ways they cannot possibly comprehend until after that baby has died. This is why we are touched by the work of such groups, including Abby Johnson’s group And Then There Were None. Johnson’s work could well be defined as the tip of the spear in pro-life efforts to tell the truth about abortion, as ATTWN was begun to “help abortion clinic workers leave the abortion industry. ATTWN is pro-life without exceptions. While we believe in and wholeheartedly support all peaceful pro-life efforts, ATTWN seeks to end abortion from the inside out.”

Imagine, if you will, no abortion facility workers showing up to help kill the babies! If that were to happen—and we pray to God that it does—women might stop and honestly think about why this happened. And then they might follow the thread of logic to the conclusion that the baby they are carrying is not disposable trash, but a human being to be cherished. The humanity of the preborn baby is undeniable.

What is equally undeniable is that, in our culture, the act of killing a preborn baby is not seen as a crime against humanity, but rather an “issue.” Such deceptive rhetoric proves that the only way forward for those of us who want to end the madness is to teach basic truth. We do this by setting forth this simple fact: “The natural law is nothing other than the light of understanding placed in us by God; through it we know what we must do and what we must avoid.”

Nothing could be simpler and yet profound. Let us resolve in 2018 to teach it in such a way that others see His truth and light through us.


Pray for America.

Teach your children that human dignity and respect for life begin at the beginning and never end regardless of age, health, or condition of dependency.

Expose the lies and learn why organizations like Planned Parenthood should never receive our tax dollars to peddle their ideology.

Get involved in your community by serving a local pregnancy care center or protesting at the local abortion mill. Spread the good news that people of every age from creation to death deserve protection.