Ridiculous Things PP Tweets

Putting socks on cats is ridiculous. So is everything Planned Parenthood ever says. Here are seven tweets from the last 24 hours pulled from Planned Parenthood’s Twitter feed that are more ridiculous than installing a fur sink in your bathroom:

Of course it has. You’re a multi-millionaire supporter.

How Planned Parenthood treats girls is obvious. As long as she’s not born and her parents don’t want her because she’s a girl, then her execution is justified as her parents’ “personal choice.”

Know what’s illegal under the abortion-friendly, Planned Parenthood endorsed Affordable Care Act? Not having health insurance.

“We’re engraving your name now in one of our ‘Honest Journalism’ awards to be presented later this year.”

Its legacy of late is shutting down its doors. If Planned Parenthood’s decline is an indication of its intended progress, it has our full support.

This is Planned Parenthood’s vision of Margaret Sanger. Sanger’s advocacy for forced sterilization and segregation of people who didn’t meet her standard of a healthy person was merely a "flaw." But she paved the way for birth control so, “It’s cool, y’all.”

One of these is not available at Planned Parenthood. It won’t tell you which one.