Joe Biden: Satan’s Secret Weapon

The Elderly, Nursing Homes, and the Veil of Silence

By Judie Brown I was shocked to read in a recent BARRON’s article that “the coronavirus has caused long-term-care facilities serving older and disabled people, who are among the most vulnerable to the pandemic, to draw the curtains,” keeping caregivers and family essentially in the dark regarding care and treatment of their loved ones. This […]

Euthanasia Movement Sells Assisted Suicide to the Depressed

ALL and STOPP among Pro-Life Leaders Who Urge the FDA to ‘Protect Women’

WASHINGTON, D.C. (04 May 2020) – Today, American Life League president Judie Brown and STOPP International founder Jim Sedlak were among the pro-life leaders who sent a letter to the US Food and Drug Administration commissioner, Dr. Stephen Hahn. The letter urges Hahn to take action to stop the illegal Internet sale of abortion-inducing drugs […]

Patricia Sandoval: Her Long Path to God’s Mercy

By Leticia Velasquez Growing up in California, Patricia Sandoval felt like she had the perfect parents—united and loving. She knew who God was, even having a vision of Jesus taking her to heaven as a small child. When she was young, her parents called her “Princess” and bought her a custom-made First Communion gown. However, […]

Pro-Life This Week – May 1, 2020

Week in Review – Fighting the death industry requires constant vigilance It has been confirmed in news stories this week that Planned Parenthood has not received any funds from the Payroll Protection Program. PPP is intended to fund small businesses that have less than 500 employees. Planned Parenthood and its 50+ affiliates across the country employ some […]

Teach Children that Sex Is Sacred, Not Just a Bodily Function

By Judie Brown As we navigate the era of the coronavirus, organizations like Planned Parenthood are confronting the health crisis by assuring parents that it can help guide them through the dreaded birds and bees conversation. Dr. Sara C. Flowers, Vice President of Education at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, says “Honest, ongoing conversations with […]

Planned Parenthood Closings around the World

By Jim Sedlak Amid the reality of worldwide closings of thousands of its facilities, IPPF is pushing for the global legalization of at-home abortions. Planned Parenthood is an international organization. The overall group is the International Planned Parenthood Federation, headquartered in London, England. IPPF divides itself into six regions. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America […]