US Doctors Vote to Oppose Assisted Suicide

Dear Bishops, Be Lions for Christ

By Judie Brown The ongoing hypocrisy of pro-abortion Catholics like Joe Biden continues to boggle the Catholic mind. It is hard for any of us to understand how any thinking human being who claims to be Catholic could be such a voracious supporter of aborting little babies! Yet that is exactly what Biden and his […]

Does Life Stand in the Way of Liberty?

Reflections on the 2020 March for Life By Dr. Donald T. DeMarco Étienne Gilson is one of the clearest thinking philosophers of the 20th century. As any good philosopher, he fully understands the importance of reason—a power that is often downgraded or even dismissed in the modern world. In an address he gave at Harvard’s […]

Pro-Life This Week – May 8, 2020

Week in Review – From the Supreme Court to a TV game show, life is under attack.  The United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week in a case brought by the Little Sisters of the Poor. Several states, including Pennsylvania and California, have sued the Little Sisters to obey an Obamacare mandate to […]

Abortion Is Always Deadly

The Brutality of an Essential Service

By Judie Brown Katherine McGuiness, Northwest Abortion Access Fund leader, recently said: “I can’t think of what can be more essential and timely than accessing an abortion.” McGuiness, a shill for the abortion cartel, continued: “We never want people to be pregnant longer than they want to be if it’s an unwanted or unintended pregnancy […]

Adventures with Gabriel: One Teen, Two Triathlons, and the Cobb family’s ‘Little Something Extra’

By Terrell Clemmons As a homeschooling mom always on the lookout for wholesome activities to keep her children active and minimize their screen time, Lori Cobb found endless ways to engage her children in the outside world. A significant activity for her son Gabriel has been his participation with the HSTri Club—a club she signed […]

Motherhood: Gifting Ourselves and Others

By Susan Ciancio In Mulieris Dignitatem, St. John Paul II writes: “Motherhood implies from the beginning a special openness to the new person: and this is precisely the woman’s ‘part.’ In this openness, in conceiving and giving birth to a child, the woman ‘discovers herself through a sincere gift of self.’” Within the next week, […]