St. Athanasius and the Wayward Catholic

The Bishops and Eucharistic Coherence

By Judie Brown Coherence is the logical way of presenting the facts. It is another word for consistency. Since the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has decided to address Eucharistic coherence, we can presume that they have deemed it a matter of concern and something they need to talk about in an official way. […]


Hiding Abortion’s Complications

By Raymond Adamek, PhD Though the subject doesn’t get much press or publicity, legal abortion—aside from being deadly for the baby—is also dangerous for the mother. Over the years, groups have compiled information, examined data, and analyzed reports. The results are disturbing. While some may teach that abortion is safe for the mother, we understand […]

Pro-Life This Week – March 12, 2021

Week in Review – 55,875 preborn babies; Senate and Becerra nomination; State actions This week, ALL released a special report entitled American Life League’s 2020 Planned Parenthood Facilities Report, which documents how pro-lifers across the country have been extremely successful in their efforts to close PP facilities. Planned Parenthood has gone from 938 medical centers nationally […]

55,875 Reasons to Drive Out Demons

By Judie Brown When Planned Parenthood closes its doors, babies live. That is the news from American Life League’s annual facilities report on Planned Parenthood. Of course, there were other findings, but none that compares with the miracle of birth that occurs when the demons of abortion stop practicing their deadly trade. And yes, we […]

Investigate Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Says It Wants to End Its Racism, But . . .

By Jim Sedlak Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its affiliates have a racism problem, and they say they want to correct it—but their actions belie those stated intentions. In 2020, American Life League released a 16-page report on the racism that exists in Planned Parenthood today—Planned Parenthood’s Racism . . . In Their Own […]

55,875 Babies Saved through Planned
Parenthood Closures

For Immediate Release  Brown: “When Planned Parenthood leaves town, preborn babies’ lives are saved.” WASHINGTON, D.C. (10 March 2021) – Since 1992, pro-life individuals and organizations in the United States have worked diligently to close down local Planned Parenthood centers. The intent is to remove Planned Parenthood’s influence from the community and to prevent Planned […]