A Coronavirus Vaccine Containing Aborted Baby Cells? Yes.

House Committee Issues Final Report

REPORT: ‘Planned Parenthood’s Racism . . . In Their Own Words’

Sedlak: “Anyone concerned about the continuing racism in the United States of America should have nothing to do with Planned Parenthood.” WASHINGTON, D.C. (23 November 2020) — American Life League released a research report today entitled Planned Parenthood’s Racism . . . In Their Own Words. This report is not specifically about Margaret Sanger but […]

How to Answer Planned Parenthood #2

By Jim Sedlak On Saturday, November 7, 2020, just after the Associated Press declared Biden/Harris the winners of the 2020 election, Planned Parenthood sent out the following fundraising e-mail: PHEW. It’s an incredible feeling, to realize you’ve been holding your breath for years and suddenly can exhale a sigh of relief. Even in the darkest […]

Pro-Life This Week – November 20, 2020

Week in Review – Betrayal by the USCCB bureaucrats and by political leaders and their police departments American Life League issued statements last week concerning the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) congratulating Joe Biden on his victory [sic] in the presidential race. Those statements were a big part of news coverage this week. […]

Archbishop Gomez Backtracks After ALL Officials Expose His Previous Comments

For Immediate Release Brown: “I find it totally unbelievable that the same man who commended Biden less than a week ago is now backing off and suggesting concern about Biden’s role in abortion.” WASHINGTON, D.C. (20 November 2020) — American Life League officials issued the following statements today following comments from Archbishop José H. Gomez […]

Trump, Biden, and Love!

By Judie Brown Cursing the darkness or waiting for someone else to take up the cause, especially if that someone is a politician like Trump or Biden, is never a good idea. The plight of the innocent preborn, elderly, and others whose lives are at risk every day rests upon us. With God’s help, amazing […]

How to Answer Planned Parenthood #1

By Jim Sedlak Planned Parenthood likes to tout its work in ads, e-mail releases, op-eds, and fundraising pieces. These are always fluff pieces, often with exaggerations, that present PP in the best possible light and leave out all the contradictory facts. As a service to all those fighting Planned Parenthood across the United States, STOPP […]