You Can Witness This Miracle Every Day

Is Parenthood Old Fashioned?

(Part 8 in our Cancel Culture series) By Judie Brown In case it has escaped your attention, the world today is growing more hostile to the idea of traditional parenthood. It seems that an ever-growing number of policy makers are having problems defending mom, dad, and the traditional way of bearing and raising children. This […]

The Miracles at Fatima and Our Beautiful Mother Mary

By Susan Ciancio “I come from heaven.” On May 13, 1917, Lucia Santos, age 10, was tending sheep with her cousins, siblings Jacinta and Francisco Marto, in a little town outside of Fatima, Portugal. Jacinta was just seven years old, and Francisco was nine. Suddenly, they saw a brilliant light, and a woman dressed in […]

Jesus Christ Is TRULY PRESENT, Bishop McElroy!

By Judie Brown It is hard to believe, but there is at least one Catholic bishop who has put into writing his personal opinions regarding the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. His name is Bishop Robert McElroy, and his statements are many, but the following stands out as particularly troubling given the sacred […]


A More Beautiful Place

By Samantha Mattheiss Have you ever seen pro-life groups distribute roses to women as they enter an abortion clinic? If so, have you noticed the reactions elicited by those roses? A simple, beautiful flower stands out in stark contrast to the banners depicting injured, preborn babies that some protestors wave. The beauty of the rose […]

Special Announcement from the Marian Blue Wave

For Immediate Release Inside: A special video announcement from the director of the Marian Blue Wave announcing a new initiative to shut down Planned Parenthood. WASHINGTON, D.C. (10 May 2021) – American Life League’s Marian Blue Wave (MBW) program has a special announcement. The program’s director, Katie Brown, shared the following video message with the […]

Family Is Not Just a Word

(Part 7 in our Cancel Culture series) By Judie Brown In the words of St. John Paul II, the family is “the first and fundamental school of social living: as a community of love, it finds in self-giving the law that guides it and makes it grow.” These words provide a clear definition of the […]