Pro-Life This Week – May 8, 2020

Pro-Life This Week – May 8, 2020

Week in Review – From the Supreme Court to a TV game show, life is under attack. 

The United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week in a case brought by the Little Sisters of the Poor. Several states, including Pennsylvania and California, have sued the Little Sisters to obey an Obamacare mandate to provide contraceptive coverage as part of their healthcare policy. During the pandemic, the oral arguments are being held by phone. As is the case in many of these arguments, there was no consensus on how the justices will vote. The Supreme Court session concludes at the end of next month. It is expected a ruling will be announced by then.

In other Supreme Court happenings, The Catholic Telegraph reports that the state of Indiana is hopeful the Supreme Court will hear their case on whether the state can block Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers from receiving Medicaid funding. While the Supreme Court previously declined to hear similar cases originating in Kansas and Louisiana, State Solicitor General Tom Fisher told CNA that he is “hopeful” the court will consider taking the case this time around. He said: “We pointed out to them this time that the lower courts are in conflict over whether Planned Parenthood or other Medicaid providers who get disqualified can sue a government.” If the court does decide to hear it, the case would be put on the docket for next year.

California’s lawmakers may soon be considering a bill that would further erode parents’ rights to control their children’s healthcare. The Confidentiality of Medical Information Act (SB 1004)—a bill that’s among Planned Parenthood’s priorities this session—would allow children to use their parents’ insurance for “sensitive” services and procedures but not allow insurers to disclose those services to parents. Historically, bills like this that pass in California are then pushed in other states.

As the abortion industry is making a major push to expand access to at-home abortions through telemed abortions, Pennsylvania’s pro-abortion governor, Tom Wolf, vetoed a telemedicine bill designed to alleviate a backlog of medical services because it would not allow access to at-home abortions. Telemed abortions are currently banned in 18 states. 

In addition to pushing at-home abortions, the abortion industry is advocating for sexuality education in the schools. The industry knows that the sexuality education programs will produce more customers for its grisly trade. Planned Parenthood describes itself as the leading provider of sexuality education in the nation. A former sex educator at Planned Parenthood is speaking out about the horrible effects of these programs. Monica Cline states, “Sexual intimacy is redefined from being special, for marriage or for having babies, to being crass, seeking pleasure over meaningful relationships, accepting STDs as a way of life, and terminating the lives of babies so we can worship our sexual rights without hindrance.” For more information, read this article.

Finally, Deadline Hollywood reports RuPaul will appear on The Price Is Right At Night primetime special on May 11 at 8 pm ET/PT on CBS. RuPaul will sit on contestant’s row and will compete on the primetime iteration of the iconic game show, hosted by Drew Carey, to raise money for Planned Parenthood while his fellow contestants will have the opportunity to win prizes. The special was shot before the coronavirus shutdown

ALL in the News – ALL and STOPP Represented in Letter to FDA Commissioner

This week, both American Life League president, Judie Brown, and STOPP International founder, Jim Sedlak, were among the pro-life leaders who sent a letter to the US Food and Drug Administration commissioner, Dr. Stephen Hahn. The letter urges Hahn to take action to stop the illegal Internet sale of abortion-inducing drugs manufactured overseas and shipped into the US. ALL and STOPP’s participation was announced via this press release on Monday

American Life League executive vice president, Hugh Brown, was interviewed by political commentator and former presidential candidate, Alan Keyes. The interview will appear on the show “Let’s Talk America with Alan Keyes”. 

Judie Brown’s weekly commentaries and press statements continue to be featured as a column on Renew America. This week’s Tuesday commentary, The elderly, nursing homes, and the veil of silence, was featured on the site’s front page. 

Jim Sedlak’s Pro-Life Activism from Creation to Death is a weekly talk-radio program on the Radio Maria USA network. The show can be heard live every Friday at noon (Eastern Time) and is repeated on Saturdays (10 PM).

Video of the Week – Ten Pro-Life Affirming Movies You Should Add to Your Watch List

Last week on our Friday Instagram Live, ALL’s Katie Brown and Dwain Currier discussed the success of the Marian Blue Wave and 10 pro-life movies for the stuck-at-home family.

Action Item of the Week –  Get two critical documents at zero cost    

As all involved in the fight to protect every human being’s life—from creation to death—knows, in order to be prepared to take action, you must be educated! As our population is getting older, the ability to fight for the rights of everyone at the end of their lives is needed.

Today, we make you aware of two critical resources. One is from American Life League (ALL) and the other is from the Healthcare Advocacy and Leadership Organization (HALO). Both are available to you AT NO COST.

ALL has prepared an advance healthcare directive, the LOVING WILL, which has helped protect individuals from “Dr. Death” for over three decades. It was put together by a team of medical professionals and lawyers and updated as necessary to meet the threats to life we will all face.

The LOVING WILL packet also contains a Medical Power of Attorney document that you can use to appoint someone to make medical decisions for you in case you cannot make those decisions yourself.

You can download the LOVING WILL, along with a host of educational material, by going here. Note that it will ask you to “order” the document, but the price is $0.00.

The second resource comes from HALO. It is a 16-page resource, “MAKING A DIFFERENCE – A Guide for Defending the Medically Vulnerable.”

“MAKING A DIFFERENCE” contains a great deal of needed information, including “23 Questions to Ask a Hospice BEFORE Admission.” If you have not walked a relative through the end-of-life process before, this document is an absolute must.

To obtain “MAKING A DIFFERENCE,” go here. Click on “view PDF” to download a FREE copy. If you prefer one or more printed copies, you can order them from this same page. 

We encourage you to use these FREE resources to educate yourself on how to protect your life and the lives of your family members.



ALL’S LOVING WILL (including a Medical Power of Attorney) – GO HERE.


Pro-life Social Media – Pro-Life Advocates Transform Concrete into Pro-Life Creations

On Friday, May 1, young pro-life advocates participated in National Pro-Life Neighborhood Chalk Day, an event launched by Students for Life of America that originally began as Pro-Life Chalk Day. With several states still issuing shelter-in-place orders, participants were free to turn their own driveways and sidewalks into works of art.

This year’s sidewalk art was exceptional. Some were as small as one sidewalk tile; the largest filled an entire street cul-de-sac.

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•• Students For Life is hosting a National Pro-Life Chalk Day & Competition. Normally they encourage students to go out into town or on college campuses to spread a loving Pro-Life message. This year with shelter-in-place orders, students were instead asked to chalk in front of their house or the street in front of their house to encourage social distancing and limited exposure to others. Knowing this we decided to brighten up our neighborhood with a message of love, and caring for the vulnerable, especially in a time where we must sacrafice to keep the most vulnerable safe and healthy. ••• The original concept art for our project was made by @Kristin__Turner and @Kyleez_Here. And while the mock up scetch took about an hour to make, the actual product took 19 hours and 5 minutes of solid work over a 2 day period. Through graffiti, sunburns, wrist aches, hunger, thirst, and running out of supplies, we made it through to the end and we are beyond proud of the good people who helped us brighten up our neighborhood in a time where we need it most. ••• Every single spec of color on this project was gone over with a toothbrush and water with extra attention to detail that hopefully shows the beauty and humanity in humans who are vulnerable and in need of love and care to survive on this earth. We hope one day that we can extend this caring additude towards all human beings who need it, born and unborn. ••• A YouTube link to our video of the project will be in our bio. Thank you again to the good folks who helped. ••• @kristin__turner @kyleez_here @juliandurrmusic @camrenciaramella @calebjvr ••• #prolifechalkday #studentsforlife #womendeservebetter #prolife #equalrights #prolifegeneration #womensrights #SFLA

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Love ALL human life. #studentsforlife #prolifechalkday

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I’m a little late, but that’s okay. 😊 I finally got my hands on some chalk and y’all, I was terrified. Chalk is not a forgiving medium for creativity. As I sat there, with one of 4 colors my grandma picked out that were in the best condition and the exact colors I needed (#nocoincidences #glorytoGod) I reminded myself that I had prayed for Holy Spirit to guide my hand as it made this public statement on the sidewalk of my apartment complex. The original design is not my own (yes, I made this rendering of my own accord), but comes from a lady named Juliet who was inspired to make this particular design as a beautiful sticker that I have on the back window of my car and used during 40 Days for Life in the spring campaign on a sign. She made this design to honor the daughter she unexpectedly became pregnant with and sadly lost to a miscarriage soon after #choosinglife. She has an adorable Etsy shop and I recommend y’all head over and check it out. Her message is all #prolife, #prochild, #prowoman #prolifechalkday #allthelittleroses #prolifeforlife #cherishthem #lovealllife #voiceforthevoiceless #studentsforlife #SFLA #chalk #chalkart #fetus #embryo #baby #itsallthesame #humanfromconception #praytochooselife #coronavirus #covid19 #stayhome #stayhomestaysafe #pandemic #2020

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Really rough concrete to work with lol but I wanted to❤️ #prolifechalkday #studentsforlife

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National Pro-Life Chalk Day! Bishop David O’Connell got into the spirit for all our unborn #sangabrielpastoralregion #nationalprolifechalkday2020 #prolife #prolifechalkday #voxvitae #beavoiceforlife

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A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRES._ Hello loves! Some exciting news! _____________ Today is The National Pro-Life Neighborhood Chalk Day & Contest!! Since a lot of people are heading for walks outside Students for Life of America has organized this national event! Here’s how to get involved- Here’s How You Can Participate & WIN PRIZES… _____ 1. Sign up now to participate, and Students for Life will send you a FREE pro-life bumper sticker! 2. Get some sidewalk chalk (stores like Target, Meijer, & Walmart sell this). 3. Think of some positive, creative, pro-life messages (or pictures) to chalk at the end of your driveway, on public sidewalks, and anywhere else people will see your messages. You can find sample messages here. 4. Take a picture, post on Facebook and/or Instagram, and tag #StudentsforLife and #ProLifeChalkDay by May 1st. Students for Life will select first, second, and third place winners and ship out prizes! Should you decide to do this _____ TAG US AS WELL AND WE WILL REPOST IT!! #prolife #prolifeprowoman

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a beautiful day for chalk drawing 🧚🏼🌸🌿 #prolifechalkday #studentsforlife #prolifegeneration

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Fighting for the unborn one drawing at a time ! #studentsforlife #StudentsforLife #ProLifeChalkDay #prolifechalkday #unbornbaby #prolife #unbornlivesmatter

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Pray to end abortion! All life matters! 💜#prolifechalkday #prolifechalkchallenge #studentsforlife #studentsforlifeofamerica

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