Pro-Life Education from ALL’s Culture of Life Studies Program

With the culture of death surrounding us, parents struggle to find good material to use to teach their children how to build a culture of life. For the last year, ALL’s Culture of Life Studies Program has provided parents with material they can use in their own homes to instruct their children as God intended.

This week, CLSP released its first resource for school use. The Life Is Precious School Edition is an educational unit study that provides a versatile option that builds the culture of life with children in any setting.

This week, we ask all pro-lifers to bring pro-life education to your local private school or diocese by taking the following actions:

  • Ask your parish school how they teach pro-life values to the younger grades.
  • Be active and vocal in the decisions made by the school administration about the education your child receives.
  • Donate a copy of Life Is Precious School Edition to each of the K-2 religious education classrooms at your parish.

Together we can build a culture of life through education, one student at a time. To learn more, visit