Pro-Aborts Toss Stones from Their Glass Houses

Pro-Aborts Toss Stones from Their Glass Houses

By Judie Brown

Among the ongoing targets of the abortion industry is the exceptional work conducted by pro-life pregnancy centers. The work of parent organizations like Heartbeat International and Care Net, among others, is remarkable. These organizations function with their affiliated pro-life pregnancy care centers to serve expectant moms, new moms, and their babies. Their work has been well known and respected for many years.

HI’s commitment statement begins with these words: “All of Heartbeat International’s affiliated pregnancy help providers, whether they are pregnancy help centers, maternity homes or adoption services, make a commitment to serve their community with honesty, integrity, and equality.”

And CN’s mission statement is equally impressive, stating in part: “Care Net offers compassion, hope, and help to anyone considering abortion by presenting them with realistic alternatives and Christ-centered support through our life-affirming network of pregnancy centers, organizations, and individuals.”

The integrity of such organizations is beyond scrutiny, or so you might think. Pro-abort propagandists not only disagree, but constantly stir the pot to make trouble for these organizations. Recently Samantha Bee, a comedienne with a twisted view of life, “skewered” what a reporter describes as “sham abortion clinics.” Enraged by a new Georgia state law that funds pregnancy resource centers, Bee created a disgusting video attacking pro-life volunteers and their organizations. The promo reads: “Blink and you'll miss the sneaky trick anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers use to fool women into thinking they're abortion clinics.” To make the point, the actors in the piece quote Vicki Saporta, president and CEO of the National Abortion Federation, who said earlier this year: “They try to have women come in to have a free pregnancy test or free ultrasound and then their goal is to detain them.”

Saporta has also alleged that these ultrasound results are “frequently false.”

As ridiculous as this may sound to anyone who understands and appreciates the integrity and honesty of pro-life pregnancy centers, the problem is that such tripe is repeated in the mainstream media and leftist propaganda all of the time. Rarely do Americans get the opportunity to hear the truth.

Saporta has gone off the rails with her rhetoric on many occasions. She is so upset with the idea of an expectant mother actually seeing her baby on an ultrasound that she, like so many other culture-of-death architects, works tirelessly to discredit the lifesaving work that occurs in communities like yours and mine every day. While pro-life volunteers are busy saving lives and affirming frightened expectant moms, these vultures are out there in full force. So it is any wonder they would be upset by the Georgia law?

This law should become the model for every state in America. By approving the “Pregnancy and Parenting Grant Program, the legislation clears the way for Georgia to fund up to $2 million per year in the 2017 fiscal year, which begins in July of 2016.” What a wonderful piece of good news for the lifesaving pro-life volunteer efforts in Georgia!

Georgia’s Pregnancy Help News reports:

The 70 pregnancy help centers throughout Georgia—including over 40 offering free medical services such as ultrasound and STI testing—served over 26,000 women in 2014, according to Georgia Life Alliance, a major backer of the bill.

Once signed into the budget, centers in the state could apply to receive an allotment of the $2 million budget item to pay for medical services, any one of an eight-point services list within the legislation. According to the bill’s language, the funds cannot be used for “political or religious purposes.”

Thank God for the courageous, generous, life-affirming efforts of the Georgia lawmakers and governor. And shame on the pro-aborts who will do anything they can to denigrate, diminish, and destroy the beautiful gift of a child!

We need laws like Georgia’s passed in every state in this nation! Let’s drive the abortionists back into their glass houses and out of business for good!


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