Planned Parenthood’s Use of ‘Brothers and Sisters’ Stirs Rage in Its Supporters

Planned Parenthood’s Use of ‘Brothers and Sisters’ Stirs Rage in Its Supporters

If you find the whole issue of “trans rights” to be confusing, we don’t blame you. The very defenders of people who attempt to change from male to female and vice versa can’t get their talking points straight.

Cecile Richards, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, sent out the following Tweet:

By using the phrase “transgender brothers & sisters,” Cecile opened herself to Social Justice Warrior rage:

Radical feminists like those who support Planned Parenthood and its president pretend that there aren’t any differences between men and women. That doesn’t explain why some people, then, get hyphenated with “trans.” Wouldn’t that imply that there is a notable difference between a woman and a “trans-woman”? For all the resistance to being tagged with a label, the community of sexual perversion is quick to invent new genders for people. (We have lost count of how many supposedly exist now.)

Not to get any blowback from supporters, the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Indiana & Kentucky took no risks:


No word yet from radical feminists on whether the term “neighbor” is used in a biblical sense (doubtful) or in a literal one since its use would suggest non-inclusivity of people not in your neighborhood.

Rest assured that sensible people can trust in the truth that God creates us male and female. It’s so simple to understand, yet so difficult for those who don’t care much for the truth.