Planned Parenthood’s Online Video Admits Its Vulnerability

Planned Parenthood Action, the bloody, political battering ram for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, released a “highly edited” video of an activist’s encounter with Senator Heller of Nevada. The activist appears to have secretly recorded her conversation using her smartphone. Remember, Planned Parenthood is against secret recordings, but only when it isn’t exposing its cooperation with child predators and body part chop shops.

The activist confronts the senator as to why he wants the nation’s largest government-funded killer of human beings defunded.  He makes valid points that Planned Parenthood attempts to debunk.




We could debunk every one of Planned Parenthood’s “facts,” but that would make for a lengthy column. We’ll just address a few of them.

Planned Parenthood’s “Fact Check” says: "Donations can’t replace the reimbursements Planned Parenthood receives from federal programs."

What? Planned Parenthood’s wealthy allies in business and Hollyweird aren’t enough to keep Planned Parenthood afloat? Hey, Planned Parenthood, welcome to the world of nonprofits. If you’re going to run a 501(c)(3), you have to rely heavily on the cash and assets of your supporters. That’s the risk you take when you’re a nonprofit. To say “donations can’t replace reimbursements” means you might have to step up your fundraising game because you’ve relied too much on the taxpayer’s dime.

Take a look at the success of the Crisis Pregnancy Center of the Wabash Valley. The Terre Haute nonprofit clinic is the largest of its kind in the nation. Relying on donor contributions and grants, it offers pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STD screenings, and breast and gynecological exams. It’s everything Planned Parenthood does minus the baby butchering and poison pills. But Planned Parenthood has an addiction. It’s dependent on government money.

Planned Parenthood’s “Fact Check” #2 isn’t really a fact. It’s a quote from the vice president of the National Women’s Law Center: “[Community Health Centers are] already strapped trying to care for the patients they have, and to absorb all these additional patients who now go to Planned Parenthood just isn’t feasible.”

Waaaaah! Those poor community health centers having to absorb Planned Parenthood’s patients. First, these health centers wouldn’t be absorbing Planned Parenthood patients because Planned Parenthood customers rarely come back. Instead, these health centers would be taking on Planned Parenthood’s potential customers, which might be fewer if Planned Parenthood isn’t around to indoctrinate them into committing disease-spreading behavior. Second, all the money that would have gone to reimburse Planned Parenthood could be directed toward expansion of existing community health centers and constructing new ones.

Planned Parenthood’s “Fact Check” says it “served nearly 8 times more family planning patients than community health centers.”

“Family planning patients” is Planned Parenthood-speak for people getting abortions and birth control. It makes sense that the numbers are higher than publicly funded health centers because these health centers don’t kill kids. If you’re a college student looking for Friday night hookups, are you going to the public health department? No, you’re going to THE name in abortion and birth control—Planned Parenthood.

Okay, one more Planned Parenthood “Fact Check”: “Federally qualified health centers do not provide the same services as Planned Parenthood.”

Back to the previous point. These health centers don’t kill kids. THAT’S the service the health centers don’t provide. But Planned Parenthood doesn’t make that clear. By the way, another service these health centers provide that Planned Parenthood does not?


Planned Parenthood is vulnerable. It knows it’s just a signature away from losing all of its government cash so it puts out stories of desperation to get people to believe women will drop like flies without it.   

Here’s a real Planned Parenthood Fact: America will survive without it.