Planned Parenthood’s Demise

Planned Parenthood recently had a vigil—not for the mothers permanently scarred by Planned Parenthood’s abortion business, and certainly not for the millions of preborn babies whose lives it took. No. Planned Parenthood of the Heartland hosted a vigil for itself and shared the story on its Facebook page.  


It sounds like Iowa State Troopers are coming to physically remove employees and padlock the doors, but Iowa isn’t “forcing” Planned Parenthood to close its health centers. That’s Planned Propaganda. Planned Parenthood is choosing to close those centers. It just isn’t being honest as to why. It claims to close doors because the state refuses to provide Medicaid reimbursements to centers that kill preborn children. In reality, Planned Parenthood centers in Iowa have been in decline for years prior to the state’s cuts.

Six years ago, Planned Parenthood had 24 centers in the state. Two years later it was down to 16. Today, it’s less than 10. That’s down by half since 2011! Where were the vigils for those centers? There weren’t any because Planned Parenthood didn’t have a political weapon to wield against the pro-life community. Planned Parenthood was still feeling the afterglow of a national healthcare law it thought would resurrect it—the Affordable Care Act. Instead of saving Planned Parenthood, the healthcare law is crushing it. Its uninsured patients soon became insured ones (as required by the law), and they decided they didn’t want to go to Planned Parenthood anymore.

When the customers declined, the revenue declined. Iowa cutting Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood merely puts its oblivion on the fast-track. Planned Parenthood will continue to whine about radical, unsympathetic lawmakers who are out to get it. The truth is that customers are less interested in Planned Parenthood.