Planned Parenthood Ridiculous Tweet Roundup

Planned Parenthood’s self-delusion begins with the image it thinks it has—a delightful home where young women get their “basic” health care—and no place else. In reality, it’s a sinking ship whose customers are jumping overboard.

As the downward spiral continues, Planned Parenthood perpetrates a social media chicanery campaign to fool followers into thinking it's on the winning side of everything, including its anti-Daleiden effort:


Keep in mind that the abortion extremist isn’t suing for “faked, criminal videos.” Texas indicted Daleiden for “tampering with a government record.” Where’s the libel, Planned Parenthood?



More often it stands with the perpetrators of sexual assault as well.



It’s in Planned Parenthood’s interest to keep STDs rising because it keeps government funds flowing. That’s the whole point of getting kids hooked on sex in the first place. Why else would it put out tweet like this?



And it should be for marriage with an openness to the creation of a new human being (a.k.a. babies!).


But Planned Parenthood hates babies:


Babies leave poor people poor. Darn those babies.


And finally, for the tweet that has all of us scratching our heads:


It will be a glorious day when the last Planned Parenthood facility finally closes.