Planned Parenthood Really Hates Babies

For the past week, Planned Parenthood has been voracious in its anti-baby crusade.  

News of the Zika virus has Planned Parenthood cautioning its social media followers that banning abortion is dangerous. Since the virus can cause birth defects in developing preborn children, Planned Parenthood wants mothers to have the option of having their children killed because they’re handicapped.


To the sensible person, every child is a gift of the Creator. To Planned Parenthood, every child is a disease.


Or a burden. This was the case when Planned Parenthood began sharing the story of a recent study claiming that defunding Planned Parenthood in Texas has caused more baby Texans.



In a nutshell, Planned Parenthood is waving around the study as evidence that its defunding by Texas is a failure because women are having more babies. And what is wrong with more babies, exactly?

Here’s one assurance: Take away Planned Parenthood taxpayer funding and it will be forced to close more abortion stores and kill fewer babies. But the study has an inherent problem. The University of Texas at Austin study, crafted by the Texas Evaluation Project, was underwritten by its only source of cash—the Susan T. Buffett Foundation, a Planned Parenthood mega-backer providing millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood annually.

Finally, in other Planned Parenthood lunacy:



Except that Planned Parenthood isn’t suing for “spreading lies” or “smear videos.” For all its fury at David Daleiden and the undercover videos, the Texas indictment against the Center for Medical Progress specifies tampering with government records and the illegal purchase of human organs. There’s nothing in the indictment about libel.