Planned Parenthood Hates Religion

Planned Parenthood has taken steps to insert itself into the SCOTUS case regarding the baker who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding. Ignoring the fact that the Colorado cake maker would gladly make a birthday cake for the same customer, Planned Parenthood and its supporters continue to frame the argument as a case of discrimination against people with same-sex attraction.

It not only shared a column from the pro-abortion site “Salon” on its Facebook and Twitter pages, but selected quotes from the article and posted them as well.

Always shameful of people and groups who use scare tactics, Planned Parenthood engaged in scare tactics by quoting silly hypotheticals meant to characterize the practice of religion as inherently discriminatory.

Planned Parenthood and its supporters, as usual, miss the point of contentious all together. The religious person objects to providing a service to avoid remote cooperation of an activity contrary to his faith. He does this not because he hates the customer, but because he loves his faith and refuses to violate it.

This is something Planned Parenthood knows nothing about. When it comes to love, Planned Parenthood hasn’t a clue—or a conscience.