Outgoing Planned Parenthood President’s Legacy Seen in One Image

This week the president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Cecile Richards, announced in an online video that she is quitting her job. Sadly, it isn’t because she was hit with a blinding vision of all the preborn babies murdered under her watch. Nope. Instead, she’s leaving to continue playing the political game she was hired for—getting people elected who believe mothers have a right to a dead baby.


Predictably, all of Cecile's pro-abortion-on-demand friends jumped to Twitter to celebrate her “accomplishments”:


So what exactly did Cecile Richards accomplish as president of Planned Parenthood? Actually, nothing as far as we can tell.  While supporters of Planned Parenthood will celebrate no-co-pay birth control, Cecile’s record can be summed up in one handy graph: