Murder Is the Solution?

For all the anger that abortion advocates feign for violence against abortionists, violence against gorillas sends them into unrighteous anger toward parents of toddlers.

Last weekend, news of the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla went viral after authorities had to kill it in order to protect a child who had fallen into its habitat. Overnight it appeared that everyone had become an expert on gorillas, tranquilizers, and parenting. 

When a child’s life is in danger from a wild animal, it is sensible to kill the wild animal. However, our culture has been infected with the violent mindset that murder solves problems.






Giving these Twitter users the benefit of the doubt, they probably don’t really wish to see the mother face a firing squad for turning her attention away from her child. But their impulse to wipe away her existence indicates a deeper problem.


Think about it. When these armchair parents disagree with someone’s behavior, their immediate response is to have the person removed from society: "She’s an unfit mother. We can be better parents. Off with her!"