More Irrelevant Tweets

More Irrelevant Tweets

To keep itself in the public eye and seem relevant, Planned Parenthood often hitches its wagon to social and political issues that have little or nothing to do with PP. This week, it jumped on the “defend DACA” (#DefendDACA) bandwagon.

Read its tweet:

Now this one too:

There are many more on PP’s feed, but one that really jumps out, however, is this:

Here is what it should actually say about the “care” PP offers:

PP’s doors are open to everyone. No matter

  • who you are
  • whether you have health insurance
  • what your immigration status is

you can come to PP to have your child killed. We don’t care who pays us for it (you, your friend, a health insurance company, taxpayers, etc.) as long as we get our checks.