Maggie, we really do know you

Maggie, We Really Do Know You!

By Judie Brown

The legacy of Margaret Sanger is about as ugly as it could be, and growing deadlier and more bizarre by the moment.

As the soon-to-be released video series Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? makes perfectly clear, the agenda embraced by this woman was so dark and evil as to be easily compared with that of Hitler himself or others of the same ilk.

What may not be so clear to Americans today is why those who are following in her footsteps are making a bad situation worse because of political correctness and misinformation.

For example, current Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards delivered a speech this past week at the United State of Women conference. She told the audience that abortion is “one of the safest medical procedures for women in the United States.” These words come from a woman who defends the sale of baby body parts by abortionists in the very clinics she oversees and who can do so with a straight face.

Maggie would be proud.

In Kentucky this past weekend a group of African American pro-life advocates marched against Planned Parenthood, using the Bible and their love of babies to inspire their words of truth. Remembering the recent death of African American icon Muhammed Ali, they wondered aloud, “What if his mother had aborted him?” Their point was, of course, that black genocide is rampant in no small part because of the Maggie effect that lingers today in many poverty-stricken neighborhoods in America. That’s where you find the highest concentration of Planned Parenthood facilities, after all.

Maggie would be so pleased that Planned Parenthood continues to carry her Negro Project forward unabated by practicing what is obviously racism of the worst possible kind.

Planned Parenthood’s antics continue to go forward unchecked and free of all official criticism even though the Maggie effect results in dead babies, broken families, and sordid business deals exposed by the nation’s most excellent investigative journalist, David Daleiden.

Oh, we know that Maggie’s apostles say that Daleiden is NOT a journalist, but they also tell us that abortion saves lives and that birth control helps teens in particular avoid “unplanned pregnancy”—three big, fat falsehoods to be sure.

Let’s look at the facts. David Daleiden is an investigative journalist in the same way every other investigative journalist is. Hidden cameras are their stock in trade.

Abortion is a surgical, chemical, or medical action that results in the death of a preborn child. Every time an abortion is surgically performed at a Planned Parenthood facility, a medical abortion is done, or a birth control pill is prescribed, there is abundant evidence that a human being dies or may die, as in the case of the birth control pill.

Knowing these facts, we can truthfully say that abortion never saves a life. It kills innocent persons prior to birth.

And when birth control can act to abort a baby, how can it be a way of curtailing abortion? Double speak à la Maggie, to be sure.

Anyone who fights abortion must also work to shut down Planned Parenthood. Otherwise, our efforts to end the slaughter will be in vain.

So first things first! Learn about Maggie. Get on the list to be the first in your neighborhood to have a copy of the 3-part video series Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? And get the classroom unit study that accompanies the videos. It is suitable for all high school students. Sign up now!

Know your facts. Know the enemy. Fight the enemy with truth, for truth never fails.

Yes Maggie, we really do know you! And we’re telling others all about you.


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