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A must read for every Catholic with the desire to return our nation to a righteous path and our society to a culture of life.

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The “physician lists” that ALL maintains are those in which a physician has signed a statement of agreement on a particular pro-life position, not a list to be used as a referral source.

The Declaration on Protecting the Life of the Mother states:

“I agree that there is never a situation in the law or in the ethical practice of medicine where a preborn child’s life need be intentionally destroyed by procured abortion for the purpose of saving the life of the mother. A physician must do everything possible to save the lives of both of his patients, mother and child. He must never intend the death of either.”

There are over 450 physicians listed and that list can be found here

The second is A Declaration of Life by Pro-Life Physicians, and it concerns the abortifacient nature of hormonal contraceptives.

That statement and its corresponding list of over 200 physicians may be found here

If you are actually looking for a pro-life physician in your area, ALL suggests that you check the website for One More Soul.

There are a limited number of physicians who have signed up on this site, so if you do not find someone in your immediate area, we suggest calling an office in an adjacent area and asking for referrals. Also, don’t hesitate to check with NFP instructors for their suggestions!