Inspire with Your Attire


Inspire with Your Attire

By Susan Ciancio

Two days from now, the joyous faces of young adults, families, and maybe even some of your coworkers will light up your day. These faces will be wearing smiles as they proudly show their support for God’s precious gift of life.

What is so special about Friday, April 20? That day is National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day.

National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day is a day to show the world that you are 100% pro-life, no exceptions. It’s a day to proclaim your desire to stand up for all human beings, including those whom Jesus called “the least of these.” The least of these includes preborn babies, the elderly, the infirm, those with disabilities, and anyone else whom society may think of as “undesirable.”

On NPLTD, thousands of people in all walks of life—representing 355 cities and 46 states—will join in solidarity and don pro-life T-shirts to tell every single person that every single person is special and important. There are no exceptions to this. We do not stand for just one type of person or one group of people. We stand for all people because we are all God’s children. And when you look at this mapthat shows the scope of where participants will reach, you can’t help but exclaim in joy. In Mark, Chapter 16, Jesus told His disciples: “Go out to the whole world; proclaim the gospel to all creation.”Jesus wanted everyone to hear the good news. He still wants this. And those wearing pro-life attire are doing just that. They are proclaiming that, as children of God, we all deserve love and protection.

When Jesus walked on this earth, He wasn’t here for just the rich people. He wasn’t here for just the healthy people. He was here for everyone. He was here to show love, to show kindness, and to show compassion. He was here to save our souls. Just as Jesus reached out to those in need of His love, so too will these thousands of people who boldly proclaim that they are 100% pro-life.

What if you don’t have a shirt? It’s just a couple days before the big day and you haven’t heard about NPLTD or maybe you didn’t get your order in on time. No worries. You can spend time in prayer on Friday. Pray for those who are wearing their shirts in public—that they speak eloquently when asked and that they have the strength to tell others why they are pro-life. Pray for babies in danger of abortion. Pray for the sick and the elderly—that they may feel loved and cherished. Pray for a change of heart for those in leadership—that they may see the immense gift of life. You could also order a shirt and wear it in public at a later date. While we have one official day each year in which we wear the shirts as an organized group, that doesn’t mean that the shirts should stay tucked away in a drawer the other 364 days of the year. Wear your shirt with pride anytime and anywhere.

Just as the early disciples put aside their fear and spread Christ’s message to others, you too have this opportunity. Join the thousands of people on Friday who seek to inspire others with the message that all of God’s children are gifts. Show your love for each and every person by wearing your T-shirt and teaching people far and wide that your love and respect for others has no exceptions.