House Investigative Panel Releases Initial Documents on PP Baby Body Parts Business

By Jim Sedlak

As we were going to press with this edition of the Wednesday STOPP Report, the House of Representatives Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives released the first set of documents from its investigation into the baby body parts business in the United States.

Although the panel has much work left to complete, and is having another hearing today on "The Pricing of Fetal Tissue," these initial documents appear to prove that the charges made against Planned Parenthood are true. Planned Parenthood does profit from the sale of aborted baby parts.

The documents break down the flow of money from the customer to what is called the procurement business and then to the abortion clinic. Included in the documents are promotional material given by the procurement business to the abortion clinic promising the clinic “financial benefit” and “financial profit.” It also shows a draft partnership agreement between the procurement business and the “abortion trade association” in which the procurement business agrees to pay the association $10,000 for a year of working together.

In addition, the documents show that a procurement technician, working for the procurement business, does all the work retrieving and shipping the baby body parts, while a “middleman” pays the clinic per tissue.

One document, labeled “Exhibit G,” specifically states that the AC (abortion clinic) has no costs, so the payments from the PB (procurement business) to the AC are pure profit. All costs are borne by the PB or the customer. The payments from the customer to the PB exceed its cost by a factor of 300 to 400 percent.

After release of the documents by the House panel, David Daleiden, the undercover investigator for the Center for Medical Progress who exposed with video this sordid business, said:

Planned Parenthood has lied to the media, to Congress, and to the American people for the past 9 months, falsely asserting they received no "financial benefit" from harvesting little baby hearts, brains, and lungs.

The documents show the biggest Planned Parenthood affiliate in the country, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, receiving up to 5-figure sums every month from their business partner StemExpress in exchange for aborted body parts. The documents prove that StemExpress did all the work inside the clinics at no cost to Planned Parenthood, yet still paid Planned Parenthood for every salable-quality baby part. You can read more about how Planned Parenthood profits from baby parts in CMP's white paper released last month.

I spent two-and-a-half years undercover, in close contact with Planned Parenthood leaders and their partners in the criminal enterprise of selling baby parts. But I am still sick to my stomach whenever I see the lists of tiny, perfect baby organs paired with price lists and dollar signs.

As the House of Representatives Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives continues its work, let us all pray the full truth will emerge and those responsible for the atrocities performed on helpless children will be brought to justice.