Honor and Sacrifice

Honor and Sacrifice

By Hugh R. Brown

Since the 1970s Judie Brown has been on the front lines of the battle to end abortion. In those 40 plus years, 60 million children have died through surgical abortion. Judie believes that tens of millions more children have died through chemical abortion. We will never know the actual number.

The defense of life has evolved, or devolved if you will, from trying to save preborn children to also trying to save from euthanasia the elderly, the sick, and those deemed unworthy of life because of their disabilities. Euthanasia is simply a fancy word used for the killing of people whom we find useless, burdensome, or in need of death to end their suffering.

The front lines in the battle for life and human dignity also include opposing the murder of children an hour after their birth. The world calls this infanticide. It is yet another ridiculous created “word” meant to confuse the actual act of murdering a baby an hour or so after he has been born because there is something “wrong” with him.

Forty plus years of decriminalized abortion have left America numb to the killing. There are now multiple generations of people who simply live with this reality and think that abortion “is what it is.”

But we cannot just acquiesce to the fact that abortion has been decriminalized. We must take action. Judie believes that the answer to ending abortion lies in teaching our children and educating young adults about the value of each human being. In a culture where life has become a commodity, we can only end abortion if we learn to value, appreciate, respect, and love each other regardless of any and all circumstances.

To that end, Judie has developed the solution. She and her team have spent the last eight years creating lessons and study programs for pre-school-aged children up to college-aged young adults addressing the topics that often confuse and lead people astray.

American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program offers a diverse collection of educational materials to educate children and young adults about the sanctity of human beings. The program offers a vast array of materials using many different forms of media that allow children and young adults to see the truth plainly and clearly. CLSP’s materials have been meticulously developed and are already in use across the country by a Catholic high school, parochial schools, and many in the homeschool community.

Judie has dedicated her life to this fight, and in that time we believe there are over one million people on this planet thanks to her efforts.

Help us end abortion. Help us educate the next generations. Learn more about our efforts and how you can help by visiting our website.

Please help us help others and support our fight against the culture of death. We cannot do it without you.

Remember, only by educating and leading the next generations to the truth of Christ can we end the awful horror of abortion.


Hugh R. Brown

Hugh R. Brown III is Judie Brown's son. Hugh is the father of five, president of AKA Printing and Mailing, one of the founders of St. Michael the Archangel High School, and a member of the board of directors of American Life League.