HISTORIC Pro-Life Victory Webcast Announced

HISTORIC Pro-Life Victory Webcast Announced

For Immediate Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. (30 September 2020) – This morning, American Life League president, Judie Brown, invited over twenty thousand people to attend an important webcast with a special announcement:

A year ago, American Life League invited thousands to the launch of our newest program, the Marian Blue Wave, where we unveiled our strategic approach to shutting down abortion and Planned Parenthood facilities without relying on laws or politicians. 
After only one year of operation, and thousands of commitments later, the Marian Blue Wave has accomplished a historic victory in the fight against Planned Parenthood. 
I have invited over twenty thousand people to join the Marian Blue Wave team and special guests next Wednesday, October 7, for a global anniversary webcast event where we will announce a historic victory in the fight against Planned Parenthood and abortion.
The exclusive online event is called “The Tide Is Turning: A Pro-Life Victory.”
Here are the details:

WHAT: “The Tide Is Turning: A Pro-Life Victory”

DATE: Next Wednesday, October 7

TIME: 9 PM Eastern (8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain, 6 PM Pacific)

REGISTER TO ATTEND AT all.org/event 

During the webcast, you’ll hear from:

  • Katie Brown, Director, Marian Blue Wave 
  • Bishop Joseph Strickland, Diocese of Tyler, Texas
  • Jim Sedlak, Founder, STOPP International
  • Hugh Brown, Executive VP, American Life League

During our time together, you’ll learn:

  • The history of the Marian Blue Wave: A strategic approach to ending Planned Parenthood and abortion that does not rely on laws or politicians
  • The accomplishments the Marian Blue Wave has made over the past year, including a HUGE victory
  • Personal testimonies and insight from pro-life heroes, including Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, TX

Register to attend the webcast at all.org/event.

American Life League is the nation’s oldest grassroots, Catholic, pro-life organization. Its president, Judie Brown, has led the organization since its 1979 beginning. She has served three terms on the Pontifical Academy for Life—appointed twice by Pope John Paul II and again by Pope Benedict XVI.


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