A Get Rich Quick Scheme to Die for: Abortion

#GivingTuesday Proves Planned Parenthood Can Fund Itself

Despite Planned Parenthood's half-a-billion-dollar revenue from unconsenting taxpayers, the abortion giant and its affiliates took to social media on #GivingTuesday looking for more handouts.   

This begs the question: If Planned Parenthood can ask its supporters for donations, why can't it fund itself? Planned Parenthood's #GivingTuesday participation advances the case that it doesn't need a government handout. Forty-one percent of its income is taxpayer money. Therefore defunding it will hurt Planned Parenthood, but it won't immediately annihilate it. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood has ultra-wealthy donors hauling truckloads of cold, hard cash to its bank accounts. People like Ted Turner, Michael Bloomberg, and Bill Gates can pick up the tab if Washington has enough sense to cut off reimbursements. 

Maybe there needs to be a new rule for #GivingTuesday. Give to those who don't rely on government handouts so much. Thousands of nonprofits lack the privilege of having billionaire donors in their contacts lists. Shouldn't THEY be the ones asking for donations on #GivingTuesday? We should be giving to those who give back, not to abortion conglomerates that take from the taxpayer.