Do You Truly Understand the Implications?

Do You Truly Understand the Implications?

Planned Parenthood wants its followers to celebrate “free” no-copay birth control:

Planned Parenthood, masters of the sleight of hand, fools women into believing no-pay birth control means free birth control.

Just how “free” is it? Imagine it’s fundraising season for your local public radio station. You donate $100 dollars and you get a free T-shirt. You know that it just cost you $100 to get the T-shirt. It’s the same way with the Affordable Care Act. You pay the monthly premium, and you get your “free” birth control.

How are those Obamacare premiums going, by the way?

Oh, dear. Whom to thank for this debacle? Planned Parenthood, of course. It aggressively promoted the passage of the ACA and consistently recruits its followers to enroll in the mandated program.


More on this sleight of hand:

Hormonal birth control doesn’t “cause” cancer. See? That’s vastly different than saying it doesn’t “increase the risk” for cancer, because it does, and Planned Parenthood knows it. Furthermore, PP persistently pushes the claim that birth control reduces other types of cancers such as ovarian and endometrial. Right. And what if I told you that the cure for a headache is slamming the door on your hand? #ThxDoorSlam.

In case you need a reminder how much Planned Parenthood hates babies:

Not that Planned Parenthood minds if couples do make one when their birth control fails. It is always happy to make a few hundred dollars more to fix that.