Dear Catholic Relief Services: Why Are You So Committed to Funding Abortion

Dear Catholic Relief Services: Why Are You So Committed to Funding Abortion

American Life League publishes open letter to Catholic Relief Services

WASHINGTON, D.C.—-Following Catholic Relief Services’ public response to a 250-page report by American Life League, ALL president Judie Brown published an open letter to CRS. In the letter, Brown firmly rebukes the millions of dollars in grants CRS gives to organizations that commit abortions, distribute contraception, and perform sterilizations. CRS claims that the grants were for projects that “save lives,” however Brown contends that grants to organizations that fight directly against the gospel of life cannot be justified “simply because those organizations do some good.”

“Funding these groups is a little like paying wolves to tend the sheep,” said Brown. “I simply do not understand why CRS is so determined to fund organizations that have made perfectly clear their commitment to kill babies and ruin souls.”

ALL’s 250-page report on CRS grantees shows that 86 percent of CRS’ domestic grants for fiscal year 2012 went to 23 organizations that distribute and promote the use of all forms of birth control, including abortion.

“All we are asking is for CRS to stop funding organizations that view the elimination of children as the solution to the problem of poverty,” said Brown. “It’s a very simple request, and we really don’t think it is too much to ask of an organization that calls itself Catholic.”

In addition to publishing the open letter on ALL’s website, the open letter was sent to every bishop who is head of a diocese in the United States.

The open letter is available on American Life League’s website:

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ALL’s 250 page report on CRS grantees can be found here:


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