Colorado Springs Shooting Evidence of Deeper Issues


Colorado Springs Shooting Evidence of Deeper Issues

Washington DC:  On Friday, November 27, Robert Lewis Dear allegedly shot more than a dozen people at a Colorado Springs, Colorado, Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. Three of his victims have died.

Judie Brown, president of American Life League, released this statement regarding the incident: “We abhor and condemn all acts of terrorism, all acts of savagery against the innocent—born and preborn—and we call upon our fellow Americans to do likewise. We join with Americans across this land in prayer for the victims in Colorado Springs, and we pray for this nation.”

As of this release, investigation into Dear, his motivation, and the circumstances behind the shooting is ongoing. Despite aggressive attempts of some news media to tie this brutal and egregious act to pro-life causes, there is no evidence supporting their case—and these attempts are simply irresponsible.

American Life League opposes the taking of a human being’s life at any stage from creation to death, and Judie Brown offers the first hope for a solution. She continues,

It would be wise for us to look beneath the surface of escalating violence in this nation and look at what we are ignoring.  The elephant in the room, the one violent act that employs deadly weapons to achieve the horrible result and is perhaps most heinous of all, is the one the media ignores.  That act is surgical abortion.

And to be perfectly honest, if America can turn a blind eye to this barbarism against the most innocent persons in our midst, and hide behind the arrogance of a Supreme Court set of decisions that endowed mothers with the final decision on which babies will live and which ones will die, why are we so shocked by the escalating violence in our nation?”

Judie Brown’s complete commentary will be published on on December 1, 2015.

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Judie Brown is president of American Life League and a three-time appointee to the Pontifical Academy for Life. ALL is the oldest national Catholic pro-life education and advocacy organization in the United States.

Media Availability: Judie Brown is available for a media appearance or an interview on the above or a related topic.  Further information on Planned Parenthood, including in depth analysis and historical perspective is also available.

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