Pro-Life This Week – July 17, 2020

Pro-Life This Week – February 12, 2021

Week in Review – Let’s work to end all abortions. The Biden administration continues to push all abortions and is even trying to force the American people to pay for all abortions. As the discussion and actions are unveiled, most people think about abortion as being done either surgically or by the abortion pill. This […]

Mildred Fay Jefferson, MD, Black Heroine Extraordinaire

By Judie Brown Mildred Fay Jefferson, MD, a past board member of American Life League, past president of the National Right to Life Committee, The Right to Life Crusade, and recipient of 28 honorary degrees, died in 2010, but she remains in our hearts to this very day. Dr. Jefferson was a woman of amazing […]

The Democrat Party: Not Enough African-Americans Aborted

  By Ryan Scott Bomberger This article was originally published in 2019. It has been updated for 2021. Many Americans heard the cheers of pro-abortion New York Democrats after they passed the extreme abortion bill, the Reproductive Health Act. Now the state’s laws mirror those of China and North Korea. Abortion is legal in New […]

CLSP Lenten Reflection Booklet Helps Build a Culture of Life

By Susan Ciancio Lent is almost upon us. As we think about the sacrifice Christ made when He allowed Himself to be tortured and crucified, we can’t help but feel both sorrow and joy—sorrow for the agony He endured and joy for His triumph over death and evil. We want you to have a Lenten […]

HALO Is a Circle of Light

By Judie Brown The dictionary defines “halo” as a circle of light. But to those of us in pro-life work, HALO has come to mean something in addition to that circle of light. HALO is the Healthcare Advocacy and Leadership Organization. According to its site, the mission of HALO is “to promote, protect, and advocate […]

The Unsung Heroines of the Pro-Life Movement

By Mary Cooney Our youngest child has Down syndrome. We found out the day after he was born, when the pediatrician noticed several markers for T21. That day the nurses tried to draw blood so they could run a test to confirm the diagnosis. But the particular vein they needed to draw blood from was […]